Implementing OFCCP’s new regulations in 2015
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2014 was a very active year for OFCCP and the Obama Administration: OFCCP implemented new regulations for protected veterans and individuals with disabilities and rolled out an expanded scheduling letter and itemized listing for audits. A rash of executive orders and proposed OFCCP regulations focused on discrimination in pay, compensation data collection, “bad actor” federal contractors, and LGBT protections. In addition, a new veterans reporting form was announced and 2015 has already brought proposed changes to OFCCP’s sex discrimination guidelines.

The OFCCP Institute’s program is a short and focused webinar for federal contractor compliance professionals, with an emphasis on a practical understanding of the new and proposed regulations and related Executive Orders. The webinar will focus on the most recent policy developments and enforcement trends, including implementation takeaways related to:

Best practices in reporting compensation and other information under OFCCP’s new Scheduling Letter and itemized listing requirements;

Strategies for data collection and related analyses for AAPs under the new regulations for veterans and individuals with disabilities; and
Practical approaches for compiling and responding to requests for personnel activity (hiring and promotions) and compensation.