Why join The Institute?


Federal contractors need a new approach to equality. Member companies recognize that in order to respond effectively to the significant changes and new obligations, they must secure expanded training, knowledge and expertise in the latest developments and practices for their corporate teams members who fulfill the equality obligations on a cost-effective basis.

The Institute offers members an innovative and cost-effective approach to manage a new generation of affirmative action and EEO regulatory and equality issues. The Institute provides coordination and knowledge transfer among the staffs performing the equality, compensation, staffing and legal functions within a collaborative and innovative problem-solving framework.

Membership in The Institute is limited to federal contractor private sector organizations.

Member benefits include:

    • Monthly Member Roundtable with The Institute co-chairs
    • Advocacy on OFCCP issues of policy and regulatory importance to federal contractors, as well as in-person opportunities for members to interact with OFCCP personnel
    • Faculty updates presented by leading expert practitioners in EEO field
    • Corporate membership includes representatives from equality, staffing, compensation and legal
    • Exclusive member website with access to member resources including exclusive video briefing, full e-library of webinars on OFCCP matters, reports, and letters of comment
    • And many more!

Who should join?
Members of The Institute are senior corporate leaders in EEO equality, compensation, legal and staffing functions representing the largest and most sophisticated federal contractors.


What makes The Institute different?

Integrated Cross-Functional Approach: The Institute is distinguished from other federal contractor networks in that it utilizes an integrated cross-functional approach to equality. A single corporate membership allows a member company to leverage its limited equality resources by including as members four representatives – one each from the equality, compensation, staffing and legal functions — to participate in an employer group with cross-industry peers.

Faculty: The members of The Institute faculty are the leading experts in the nation in affirmative action and EEO equality based on their first-hand knowledge and expertise acquired as a result of representing clients in thousands of OFCCP audits. Having the nation’s most experienced and knowledgeable experts on OFCCP equality as faculty allows The Institute to provide members with the most up-to-date information on the activities of the agency, along with practical equality tips.

Advocacy: The Institute plays an important role as an advocate on behalf of its members in all OFCCP proposed regulatory and policy initiatives with an approach that puts members first. As appropriate, we advocate on members’ behalf with regulatory agencies, legislative representatives and oversight agencies in the White House.


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