Artificial Intelligence Technical Advisory Committee

Artificial Intelligence Technical Advisory Committee


The Institute for Workplace Equality (The Institute) is convening a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to address Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and the diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) considerations in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in employment decisions, including, e.g., recruitment, hiring, promotions, assignments, performance evaluations, and reductions in force. 

The TAC will be comprised of a wide range of subject matter experts, including data scientists, industrial organization psychologists, employment attorneys representing employers and workers, employers using AI tools for employment decisions, vendors who develop and provide AI tools for employment decisions, and current and former EEO government agency officials. 

The TAC will produce a formal report that identifies best practices for utilizing AI in employment decisions and provides recommendations for future improvements with the goal of integrating AI in the employment decision-making process while ensuring EEO and DE&I.   

Victoria Lipnic, Institute Faculty Member, serves as the Chair for this TAC.


The Institute wants to impact the current and future use of AI in employment decisions based on input from a wide range of subject matter experts to identify the current best practices and to provide guidance for future improvements to promote effective employment decision-making that addresses EEO and DE&I considerations.   

  • The TAC Report will provide guidance for best practices for using AI in employment decisions and provide recommendations for future improvements.  
  • The TAC Report will benefit all stakeholders, including designers and vendors of AI tools; employers who want to use AI for employment decisions that are legally sound and effective; data scientists and IO psychologists who support AI; government regulators who are responsible for EEO compliance; and attorneys who advise employers and workers in addressing employment decisions that are legally compliant. 


  • All stakeholders need to understand the best practices in the current use of AI in employment decisions to ensure that effective and legally compliant practices are followed. 
  • Recommendations for improvements in the use of AI in employment decisions will aid in the responsible and effective use of AI in the future. 
  • Achieving compliance with EEO laws and DE&I objectives can be enhanced by following the sound application of AI in employment decisions. 

If you are interested in funding this project or are interested in joining the committee, please contact Barbara Kelly:


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