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Nita Beecher
FortneyScott LLC

H. Juanita (Nita) M. Beecher is a nationally-recognized expert on OFCCP and the EEOC with more than 30 years of experience in federal and state employment law.

Currently, Ms. Beecher provides advice to clients on a broad range of employment law issues with her primary focus on issues involving discrimination, affirmative action, compensation and wage and hour matters. She also serves as co-editor of the Federal Employment Law Insider, a monthly newsletter updating employers on federal laws and regulations and presents webinars on federal employment law issues.

Ms. Beecher served as an in-house counsel with several major corporations including McDonnell Douglas and Boeing for more than 20 years where she advised in-house clients on labor and employment law issues including, among other matters, OFCCP audits, EEOC class age investigations, implementation of the ADA, FLSA Wage and Hour audits, and developed a self-audit tool for major corporations.

For 15 years Ms. Beecher led separate networks of senior diversity, equal employment opportunity and affirmative action corporate practitioners and senior in-house labor and employment lawyers focused on labor and employment law issues.

Ms. Beecher participated in the Expert Study on Measuring and Collecting Pay Information from U.S. Employers by Gender, Race, and National Origin by the National Academies of Sciences, National Research Council issued in 2012.

Ms. Beecher has been a regular speaker at many professional meetings, including the leading organization for federal contractors, the Industry Liaison Group (“ILG”) National Conference since 2004.